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We are the sole distributor of Lennox's high quality HVAC equipment and we also customize the equipment as Lennox's approved vendor to provide you the solution for your specific installation. We also have a range of Zone Master air conditioning products customized for Asia Pacific installations where buildings are built vertically upwards instead of horizontally. Constant flow valves from FDI of USA is another product range to compliment the chilled water installations.

We also recognized that providing a comfortable environment is not enough as many aging people in Asia are not in good health to enjoy that comfort. To help improve the situation, we have worked with Shenpix Japan Co. Ltd., to be the sole distributor for their range of electrostatic therapy equipment for the whole of South East Asia region. This range of equipment aims to improve a person's health leading to "A Longer Happier Life" in the words of its President.

Lennox Air Conditioning Equipment

Lennox International is a Fortune 500 company providing climate control solutions for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration markets in over 100 countries.  Its business has been built on a heritage of integrity and innovation dating back to 1895. The 18,000 employees who make up Lennox Industries Inc. (LII) are dedicated to providing trusted brands, innovative products, unsurpassed quality and responsive service.
Zone Master Air Conditioning Products

Zone Master range of equipment are designed with the constraints of Asian buildings in mind. Condensing units are typically side discharged to direct hot discharged air from entering the upper floors. Equipment are smaller in size to suit congested space.


FDI Constant Flow Valves

Flow Design Inc. (FDI) of Dallas USA, is now a subsidiary company of IMI plc Group of Companies. As part of the group, it is also an associated company of Tour and Andersson (TA), a world renowned manufacturer of control valves. With its rich history and experience in the manufacturing of automatic balancing valves, FDI Autoflow constant flow valves have been the valve of choice by consulting engineers all over the world. Zone Master takes pleasure for being a part of this network.

Shenpix High Voltage Electrostatic Therapeutic Device

With over 65 years of research and technology in high voltage electrostatic potential therapy devices with micro amp. output, it has been proven to be beneficial in treating headache, stiff shoulders, insomnia and chronic constipation. Approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a tremendous product for improving blood circulation and health, millions of Japanese have depended on it for their good health. Shenpix is rated top leader in electrostatic technology in Japan and is also the largest producer (in volume) of Electrostatic medical equipment in Japan.



Connols-Air Products

A complete range of air distribution products including fire smoke dampers, specialized high temperature dampers, silencers and other acoustic products can be sourced from our Associated Group of companies.

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